Yoda farm cultivation method

We have been making delicious tomatoes for 50 years because we want to see everyone's happy faces! Although there have been hardships due to natural disasters, etc., Yoda Farm has continued to evolve by making use of a lot of experience and knowledge. Please enjoy the tomatoes grown with love.

Hydroponic cultivation without using pesticides as much as possible

Pesticides must be used when plants are damaged by pests and bacteria from the soil, or when pests from the natural world come in contact with them. At Yoda Farm, in order to use as little pesticides as possible, we use hydroponic cultivation without soil in the greenhouse.

Proof of safety, bumblebee

At Yoda Farm, we cultivate crops that are closer to the natural world by allowing natural mating with bees. Bumblebees cannot survive if their bodies are exposed to pesticides, so the fact that they are working well in greenhouses is evidence of safe tomato seedlings.

The rule when entering the room is to change your shoes

In order to protect from bacteria and pests in the soil, a sheet is laid on the ground without any gaps, and shoes are changed when entering the room.

0.3mm net to prevent insect damage

We are working on pest control by putting a fine insect repellent net on the ventilation opening.

Technology x Mature experience

We use computers to properly manage nutrients and water content, and maintain the optimal environment for tomato cultivation 24 hours a day. Taking advantage of our many years of experience, we deal with each tree and adjust the amount of nutrients to produce high-quality tomatoes.

leaves are small

People tend to think that the larger the leaves, the easier it is to take in sunlight. However, by purposely growing the tomato leaves small, the sunlight reaches the lower leaves, cultivating the tomatoes with more nutrients. .

cut the actual number in half

By squeezing about 70 tomato seeds from one seedling to 35 to 40 seeds, one seed is given the nutrition of two seeds. As a result, tomatoes with a rich and deep flavor are condensed.

Direct delivery of freshly picked and ripe

Tomatoes shipped via the market are harvested before they are fully ripe, assuming that it will take about a week to reach the table. However, Yoda Farm tomatoes are shipped directly from farmers to customers, so they can be delivered the day after harvest or the day after. Enjoy freshly picked ripe tomatoes.