Tomatoes from Yoda Farm

Tomato line, half a century. Yoda Farm is a tomato farm that grows Momotaro Tomato, the king of tomatoes. Please enjoy the freshly harvested taste unique to direct sales and direct delivery from farmers.

Carefully grown with Japan's top-class amount of sunlight

From Yamanashi Prefecture, which has the longest hours of sunshine in Japan, we will deliver tomatoes that have received plenty of the blessings of the sun.

Rich umami spreads out

A rich flavor that spreads in your mouth when you take a bite. Yoda Farm's Momotaro tomatoes are packed with umami, so they are not only highly nutritious, but you can also feel the original taste of tomatoes.

Balance of sweetness and sourness

Yoda Farm tomatoes have an exquisite balance of sweetness and sourness. In addition, the skin is thin and the fruit is firm. It has a low grassy smell and the seeds are sweet, so it has a reputation that even children who don't like tomatoes can eat it.

Proof of deliciousness! star mark

The star mark is the white radial line on the buttocks of the tomato. It is a proof of deliciousness that appears only in tomatoes that have thin skins and a lot of umami and sweetness.

Sun and natural water, rich nature of Yamanashi

Yamanashi Prefecture, which is famous for agricultural products such as peaches and grapes, boasts a high rate of fine weather and an amount of sunshine unique to the basin, making it the perfect land for growing tomatoes. Only high-quality natural water containing a lot of minerals is circulated around the trunk, and it grows freely in clean air.

Bright red like a jewel

Yoda Farm's tomatoes look beautiful. It boasts a bright red color. The size is uniform, and the beautiful round shape is like a jewel. Not only for home use, but also as a gift for family celebrations.

original wrapping

All the tomatoes you order will be delivered in Yoda Farm's original packaging.
The photo is an image of 1kg. Packaging design may vary slightly depending on the time of year.