6th (From February 2022)

1846 people support ◎ Possible because it is a tomato farmer! Tomatoes are concentrated [Raw BBQ sauce]

Support purchase total: 3,464,500 yen
Target amount: 300,000 yen (1154% achieved)
Supporters: 414 people

5th (From July 2021)

Thanks for the 5th celebration! Special pre-order for rich and mellow ketchup and ripe tomatoes! and to the world

Support purchase total: 4,719,200 yen
Target amount: 393,939 yen (1197% achieved)
Supporters: 704 people

4th (From January 2021)

A spoonful of umami is juwa! A new challenge with sake "Shichiken" [luxury tomato salt koji] & spring tomato

Support purchase total: 5,146,320 yen
Target amount: 4,400,000 yen (116% achieved)
Supporters: 604 people

3rd (from August 2020)

“You can eat with children” Tree-ripened tomatoes and sake [Seven ken] and new challenges [3rd]

Support purchase total: 2,002,600 yen
Target amount: 1,030,401 yen (194% achieved)
Supporters: 259 people

2nd (From January 2020)

Seasonal spring tomatoes that can be eaten with children and a new challenge! Special recipe rare dried tomato

Support purchase total: 1,030,400 yen
Target amount: 100,000 yen (1030% achieved)
Supporters: 137 people

1st (from August 2019)

I want to pass on the tomatoes grown in the sun and water of Yamanashi to the next generation, which you can eat with your children.

Support purchase total: 683,000 yen
Target amount: 100,000 yen (683% achieved)
Supporters: 142 people